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June 2003

When cranes don't reach!!!

Installation of Commonwealth Bank [Com Bank] Sign at 363 George Street Sydney for Insight Signs.

The Com Bank logo, constructed into two 5.2 x 5.2 x 0.6 meter light boxes weighing approximately 1 tonne each, were lifted through the slat structures using industrial rope access and rigging techniques.

The challenge was in lifting the 1 tonne logo pieces, [without cranes] and fitting the fully constructed sign through the 3.8 meter building slats with out touching and damaging the sign.

The west facing sign was quite straight forward, while the east side provided a challenge. The east sign was lifted as a square at the center and maneuvered through the slats using industrial rope methods specifically developed to ensure the sign was erected in an efficient cost effective manner.

When clear of the slats the sign was was turned into the familiar Com Bank diamond shape and fixed 100m above George Street.

Com Bank proudly lit the Sydney skyline within 5 hours from lift to complete attachment.



January 2003

Skyworkers most recent project was for the Sydney Festival, a banner displaying the work of Artist Michael Riley called "CLOUD"

The banner was installed on Circular Quay Railway Station using a frame designed to clamp onto the heritage listed facade.

The banners was 50m * 4.2m printed on a breeze cloth by Cactus Imaging


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Photo © Paul Green